working with new media and live performance

About Teamworks




Teamworks is an exploratory performance/new media workshop project, funded by NESTA as part of the National Theatre’s Art of Regeneration programme. It has enabled a group of emerging artists to work together with young people and teachers, alongside experienced theatre director, Kate Beales, and leading digital artist, Derek Richards, to explore the interface between new media and live performance. This has taken place through a combination of intensive exploratory workshops, individual mentorship and workshop facilitation training, with a particular focus onthe creative use of the Isadora software programme developed by Troika Ranch dance company.nesta2.jpg

Teamworks’ emerging artists have been interested in exploring the creative cross fertilisation that occurs when we break down the barriers imposed by discipline-led roles. Each member of the team (whether actor, designer, choreographer, director, sound artist or performance artist) has worked across disciplines, challenging themselves to learn unfamiliar skills, moving into new creative territories in order to discover alternative ways of exploring performance. This cross-disciplinary approach subsequently informed our workshops with the young people and their teachers.


The resulting Learning Model is based on these workshops: firstly with young people who were part of the Art of Regeneration’s Summer Arts College at the Albany, Deptford in August 2004 and 2005 and secondly with teachers who took part in the Inset at Oval House, Kennington, in Autumn 2006.

See: A Practical Guide to Working with New Media and Live Performance.

Teamworks would like to thank:
NESTA Education for funding the project for two years
The National Theatre’s Art of Regeneration for managing and hosting it
Kate Beales, theatre director, for acting as our mentor and lead artist
Derek Richards, digital media artist, for acting as our mentor and lead artist
Chrissie Tiller, Joint Creative Director Art of Regeneration, mentor and producer
Troika Ranch and Mark Coniglio for the use of Isadora
The Albany Theatre Deptford for the use of Digital Suite,Theatre and Studio Space
The young people from AOR Summer Arts College 2004 & 2005 for their creative input and enthusiasm for learning
All the teachers who took part in our inset
Lorraine Brown, Head for Business, for helping us with accreditation
Jenny Harris, Joint Creative Director Art of Regeneration for her support

Kerry Chappell for her evaluation and input into the INSET

We would also like to acknowledge all those colleagues whose contributions have developed our portfolio of experience over the three years.


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